Two mates thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch of bands play on the back of a truck on a farm in the rolling hills of Jindabyne for whoever wanted to come. They were right, it was a fucking great idea. 

Woodhouse Warming, Jindabyne, Australia

Grace and I at MOMA PS1

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Sydney Sundays in the sun, Double Bay 

Finding more friends to miss. 

Bodega Bay, California

Characters, writing themselves. 

Bodega Bay, California

Nothing is terrible, everything is wonderful.

Bodega Bay, California 

Quiet days loud with laughter. 

Bodega Bay, California

Cruising, Los Angeles

Cruising, Los Angeles

San Francisco, California 

San Francisco, California 

How To Make Friends By Alienating People

Tame Impala was playing at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was August 2012.

It was My Friend Marcus’ birthday, so some friends and I messaged the band on Facebook asking that they shout out to him. They did, and it was great. 

Amongst the crowd A Girl Named Camila was having a shit time, because Her Friend Giordano was having a shit time on account of absolutely nothing.

Out of boredom Camila, who had heard us speaking English turned to My Friend Marcus and asked if he spoke Spanish, in Spanish. He heard her American accent and said “yes”, in Spanish. Perplexed, they stared at each other wondering if they ought to speak in Spanish or English.

Awkwardness ensued followed by an introduction to Her Friend Giordano, who was looking around the room like an asshole. I asked him which university he went to and he said, “George Washington”, looking over my head, like an asshole.

I said I knew it, and that a lot of people from my previous semester in Argentina went there. I wondered what I would possibly have to say to this guy once this university conversation was through. 

And then, in a strange turn of events he said, “Yeah, most of them are cunts”, and suddenly we found ourselves grounded commonly in a mutual distaste for GW students.

And that, apparently, is how I met two of my best friends

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